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We Twisted Trees

'Dropping into the heart is not something you force; it is something you allow.'

                                            -Seven Violet

'This rite of passage removes all that is not you from yourself, & you are left with nothing, which grants you everything there is.'

                                      -Aberdeen Violet


Aberdeen, Seven, et al.

Aberdeen Violet

is a musician, artist, & spiritual teacher dedicated to transforming fear-based thought, speech, behavior, & perspective into acceptance, freedom, & unconditional love.


Seven Violet

is a witch & energy worker.


they inhabit the same body

along with other alters, comprising a woman with dissociative identity disorder. 

choosing love over fear is our responsibility.

My mission

is to encourage authenticity & deep connection to intuition (therefore love). When we evolve through our traumas & resulting belief systems, we dissolve toxicity & relate to ourselves & others in truth & love, thereby positively affecting everyone we encounter (therefore humanity).  I want us all to live expansively, & not be sentenced to lifetimes of survival in self-imposed prisons created within dysfunctional family systems. 


'I have never felt more present

and alive. Aberdeen helped me

save my own life.'

                -Whitney Nielsen

'It is up to us to investigate the architecture of our beliefs with deliberate compassion. Through honest investigation, we will only ever find love at the center of our swirling fear & rigid pain.'

                              -Aberdeen Violet


Embrace the Spectacle: A Compassionate Investigation of Trauma & Recovery

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